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ENGWE P275 ST 250W 260 km Ananda Torque Sensor Mid-drive Motor Commuting E-bike
  • ENGWE P275 ST 250W 260 km Ananda Torque Sensor Mid-drive Motor Commuting E-bike



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    ENGWE P275 ST Electric Bike


    Commuters: Explore Further with an up to 260km Max Range.


    Maximize your commuting and exploratory rides with the ENGWE P275 ST Electric Bike, featuring a powerful 19.2Ah Samsung battery for an impressive up to 260km range per charge in Eco Pedal Assist mode. This bike stands out for its long battery life, ensuring extended adventures and efficient city navigation. The high-quality Samsung cells not only promise long distances on a single charge but also boast quick recharging times, allowing you more freedom to relish the urban landscapes and the sheer pleasure of cycling. Embrace the essence of life and capture the true beauty of your surroundings with every ride.


    Power and Efficiency with the 250W/70Nm Ananda Mid-Drive Motor


    The ENGWE P275 ST is engineered with a 250W/70Nm Ananda mid-drive motor, enhancing your daily commute with superior Efficiency and time-saving performance. This motor and a torque sensor offer a perfectly synchronized ride, matching your pedalling intensity for smooth and powerful assistance. Navigate your daily journeys with ease, making every trip more enjoyable and less time-consuming.


    Seamless Gear Shifting with SHIMANO 9-Speed System.


    Experience unparalleled Gear shifting with the SHIMANO 9-Speed gear shifter, designed for effortless transitions between speeds. Whether you enjoy a leisurely ride at a lower assist mode or conquer hills with higher speed settings, this bike's versatile gearing system ensures a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience.


    Comfort and Convenience for an Elevated Riding Experience


    The ENGWE P275 ST prioritizes your comfort with a step-through frame for easy access, curved handlebars for optimal balance, and a pneumatic lift Seatpost for a custom fit. The luxurious Selle Royal saddle adds a touch of comfort, making every journey a pleasure. These thoughtful features offer a riding experience that is as comfortable as it is convenient, setting a new standard for e-bike travel.


    Durable and Smart Features for the Modern Cyclist


    With IPX6 waterproofing, the ENGWE P275 ST is built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity. The Ananda® TFT D18 bright display informs you of real-time ride dynamics, enhancing your cycling experience with intelligent technology.


    Sleek Design for the Style-Conscious Rider


    The ENGWE P275 ST boasts a premium minimalist design that merges aesthetic appeal with technological sophistication. Riding this e-bike is more than just commuting; it's about experiencing the joy of urban cycling and embracing the beauty of life on the move. Choose the ENGWE P275 ST for a blend of style, performance, and comfort, redefining your city rides and adventures.


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