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The Ebike Shop We are a business what started out as a hobby, has become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We’re proud to have produced years of happy customers 


Electric Bikes are a great way to get out on your bike and go on some amazing rides. Just like a normal peddle bike, they offer a great opportunity to see the City, explore the Countryside or even get lost in the Woods. If you want to ride, 

Ride Green.



When you ride an eBike you’ll find that a ride that might of previously been arduous, exhausting and maybe even boring, is now enjoyable. With an e-Bike you are no longer concerned with how much effort it might take or how long before you’ll get there, instead you’ll notice more, sit with your head up and enjoy the scenery and ride at the same time.




Want to enjoy your commute rather than just see it as an A to B exercise? Then maybe an Electric Bike is the answer. Not only does an eBike use the same lanes and cycle paths as traditional bikes, but e-Bikes take the strain off the commute. Whether you need a folding ebike for hopping on and off the train or you’ve got a 10 mile uphill struggle, an electric bike will help.




Electric bikes are the ideal choice if you want to go out and explore more. With ebikes you can cycle for longer and further. E-Bikes let you enjoy exploring without getting tired, while always giving you the option to turn off the assistance if you want. Exploring the City, trekking across town or discovering the local woods, eBikes are the best companion


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5 Imperial Way, Croydon, Cro 4rr 

UK Office

80 Gloucester Road ,Croydon, Cr0 2db

Mon - Sat 9am to 5pm

+4420 8092 1874



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