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UK Stock  52v LG 20Ah 25Ah Battery for 52V 1500W 2000W motor
  • UK Stock 52v LG 20Ah 25Ah Battery for 52V 1500W 2000W motor



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    LG 52v 25Ah Samsung 20Ah SB Electric Bike Downtube Battery with charger 1500w 2000w xt60 connector


    1. On/Off switch that controls battery discharge.


    2. The illuminated battery LED power indicator. Know the power level in real time.


    3. Use key lock to secure the battery to the bicycle frame to prevent theft.


    4. With 5V 1.5A USB port can charge Cell Phone and Bluetooth Speaker.


    5. The 5-pin gold-plated discharge port improves stability.


    6.High quality built in BMS with short circuit , over-current , over-heat , over-charge , over-discharge protection .


    7. Built-in BMS (can be customized) for battery over charge,over discharge, short circuit protection.


    8.Please check the compatibility between your electric bicycle motor and our battery prior to purchase.


    9.The battery is highly recommended to be used with the charger in the package as they are compatible.


    10. A great cycle life: ≥80% Capacity Afters. 1000 Cycle



    There is a small portion of batteries provided by the bike manufacturers that may have a power switch inside the battery.




      Warranty covers 1 year manufacturing defects only and does not cover wear and tear or any type of abuse. If the product has been used in a way that it was not designed then the product can fail and this damage will not be covered


      Call our customer service line we will answer your questions.

      020 8092 1874




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      All items ordered online will be processed within 1-2 days (except on weekend)will be delivered for FREE, in 2-5 working days to UK Mainland.




      All E-bike batteries can be returned within 7 days of delivery (Your items will be free from operation fee, while shipping fee will still be included). To return an e-bike that is not defective or damaged.

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