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Free Shipping to the UK & EU

Free Shipping to the UK & EU

 ADO A20 XE foldable 250w electric bike
  • ADO A20 XE foldable 250w electric bike

    New and improved!


    The brand new and latest release from ADO, the A20 XE foldable 250w electric bike with a 36V 10.4AH battery and 20" fat tyres.


    Two electric ride modes available, Full electric mode and PAS mode (Pedal assist)


    Top speed of up to 15.5mph impressive range of up to 50miles, the A20 XE is more than enough to do the job of a daily electric bike.


    All of our ADO bikes are built to UK law and UK specifications and are fully legal to ride straight out of the box with no license or insurance. All of our ADO bikes come with thumb throttles attached. All of our ADO bikes can be software unlocked to adjust the power  250w  and back again easily.


    The A20 XE has been manufactured with lots of exiting upgrades and new features, as well as addressing any required improvements from the A20+. This makes the A20 XE an extremely well built and truly fantastic electric bike.


    Some improvements are:


    G-Drive 2.0 Duel frequency conversion system collects data from bicycle to help reduce energy loss by up to 30%.-

    Longer handlebar for a more comfortable ride.

    Upgrades 3.0 disc brakes with double clamps.

    10.4Ah High energy battery with an increased efficiency of 20% which can last up to 500 full charges.

    Four layers of spray paint for a lasting colour fixation, upgraded from just a single layer on the A20+, this keeps the bike looking shiny and new when others start to look old.

    Iron mud guards and pannier bike rack included.



    Warranty Covers


    Our warranty covers 1 year manufacturing defects only and does not cover wear and tear or any type of abuse. If the product has been used in a way that it was not designed then the product can fail and this damage will not be covered.






    Delivered within 3-5 business days


    Shipping & Returns




    All items ordered online will be processed within 1-2 days (except on weekend)


    will be delivered for FREE, in 3-5 working days to the UK Mainland.








      All E-bikes can be returned within 14 days of delivery (Your items will be free from operation fee, while shipping fee will still be included). To return an e-bike that is not defective or damaged,

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