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ENGWE P275 PRO 250W Mid-Motor Carbon Belt Drive Commuter Electric Bike
  • ENGWE P275 PRO 250W Mid-Motor Carbon Belt Drive Commuter Electric Bike



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    Experience the ENGWE P275 Pro: The Ultimate 250W Mid-Motor


    Commuter Electric Bike with an up to 260km Range.


    Elevate your commuting and exploration with the ENGWE P275 Pro Electric Bike, powered by a robust 19.2Ah Samsung battery. This cutting-edge bike offers an extraordinary up to 260km range on a single charge in Eco Pedal Assist mode. It is ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and longevity in their rides. The high-capacity Samsung battery not only extends your adventures but also features fast recharge times, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the ride and less time waiting.


    Efficient and Powerful 250W/65Nm Bafang Mid-Drive Motor


    The ENGWE P275 Pro has a 250W/65Nm Bafang mid-drive motor, enhancing your commuting by making it more straightforward and energy-efficient. This motor and a responsive torque sensor provide smooth, powerful assistance that syncs with your pedalling effort, transforming every journey into a seamless experience.


    Advanced Shifting and Silent Operation


    Enjoy effortless shifting with the Bafang automatic 3-speed Automatic Gear Hub, offering three gears for smooth transitions across all terrains. Whether cruising at a low speed for leisure or tackling uphill climbs, this bike adjusts to your needs seamlessly. Integrating the Gates Carbon Drive means your ride will be quieter without the noise of traditional chains.


    Durable Design with IPX6 Waterproofing and Smart Display


    The ENGWE P275 Pro boasts IPX6 waterproof certification, ensuring your e-bike is protected against the elements and has a longer lifespan. The Bafang TFT DP C244 smart display provides real-time insights into your riding dynamics, keeping you informed and engaged throughout your journey.


    Sleek, Minimalist Aesthetic


    Designed on simplicity and elegance, the ENGWE P275 Pro combines style with technological sophistication. Riding this e-bike is not just about getting from A to B; it's about experiencing the joy of city riding and embracing the beauty of life's journey. Opt for the ENGWE P275 Pro for a stylish, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience, whether commuting or exploring new horizons.


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