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 Lankeleisi RV700 Electric Mountain Bike
  • Lankeleisi RV700 Electric Mountain Bike



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    RV700 is equipped with the latest high-definition LED display, you can clearly see your current mileage, driving speed, remaining power, driving time, and other information


    Premium Comfort Seat

    Lankeleisi has always used high-end comfortable tables and chairs to make customers more comfortable when riding and make you feel that long-distance travel is also a happy thing


    Advanced shock absorber large suspension

    Suspension large suspension has always been the feature of our lankeleisi, we produce the most reliable suspension spring suspension, which is one of our advantages that has been recognized by users many times! it allows you to avoid bumps as much as possible


    48V 16ah large capacity lithium battery

    Compared with other models, the RV700's battery is easier to replace and replace. This means you can keep a few extra batteries in your travel backpack as a backup, and you can easily 62miles! What an incredible thing and the large battery capacity of 16ah also provides a long-distance driving range


    6061 aluminum frame and shock spring

    The RV700 has the most durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame. It's stiff so you don't have to worry about you breaking it, and there's a shock spring on the RV700's body to make your ride less bumpy and more comfortable!


    CHAOYANG 26 inch*4.0 fat tire electric bicycle

    Fat tire electric bicycles can effectively reduce noise and vibration, and increase riding comfort.



    Battery : 48V 16ah lithium battery

    Charger : 48V Charger

    Charging time : For 5-6 hours

    Range : range Pure electric is 27-40miles, power 49-62miles

    Motor : 1000W brushless rear-drive high-speed motor

    Paint : Electrostatic baking paint

    The Controller : The 5-gear power controller

    Maximum speed : 15mph unlockable

    Varispeed level : 7 speed



    Helbooster : A 12-point speed sensing booster

    Main line : Waterproof sleeve

    Instrument host : LED Smart meter

    Tire specifications : CHAOYANG 26X4.0

    Rame material : 6061 All-aluminium alloy frame

    Shock absorber : Aluminum shoulder lock oil spring shock absorber large front fork oil spring rear shock absorber

    Seat : Sports and comfort seat

    handlebars : Aluminum alloy ultra-lightweight handlebar

    Maximum load-bearing capacity : 617lbs

    Brake : ZOOM HB-875 Induction Dual Hydrauc Disc Brake

    Max grade : 35°

    Waterproof degree : IP54

    Back to dial : Shimano M370

    Net weight : 68lbs

    Packaging weight : 88lbs

    Package dimensions : 153 * 30 * 85CM


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